3 Ways the AccuroFit System Can Help Your Fitness Business Revenue Grow

By Aaron Eisberg

Competition in the fitness industry is fierce. Since you opened your fitness center, you may have noticed several competitors springing up seemingly out of nowhere. However, according to Expansion Capital Group, four out of five gyms go out of business in their first year, and 16 out of 17 close their doors within eight years.

How can you beat those odds and defend your fitness center from up-and-coming gyms while maintaining a business model that will continue to generate steady revenue for years to come?

Good member engagement strategies provide the building blocks for steady revenue growth.

The answer lies largely in your ability to engage your gym members in such a way that they do not consider leaving your gym.

Fitness Marketing 101: The Principle of Added Value

One of the fundamental principles of effective marketing is that you must differentiate yourself from your competitors. As a fitness center owner, what benefits can you bring to your members that are unique? What value can you provide that trumps anything your competition can offer?

Regular readers of this blog know that there are often suggestions offered here about how to change up boring fitness routines, how to add interest by offering new exercise classes and equipment, and how to ramp up enthusiasm among your members in a variety of ways.

Today, however, the focus will be on three ways you can add value for your gym members specifically by using the Accurofit system of products in your fitness center and thus help your business to grow.

Offering Heart Rate Training Can Rock Your Revenues

At the center of the Accurofit family of products is the Accurofit Heart Rate Monitor. Using this piece of equipment in your gym will help your members stay on target and focus more completely on their fitness goals.

Regarding the advantages of heart rate training, the Daily Burn notes:
"Heart rate training provides more focus, structure, guidance and potentially more motivation for your cardiovascular workouts. For slackers, they now have an exact method to determine when it's time for the next set. And for the overachievers, a heart rate monitor may provide the perfect tool to help them rein in their enthusiasm and pace themselves throughout a workout."
How can you get your members to use a heart rate monitor? Get your members excited about heart rate training by providing education about the benefits of heart rate training along with instruction about how to find the right training zones for each level of fitness.

AccuroFit Club Solutions Take Heart Rate Training to the Next Level

If you want to ramp up the excitement, you can take things to the next level with the AccuroFit Dynamic Heart Rate Training Display. Designed for fitness classes ranging from Spin Classes to Group Training, the display allows your members to not only track their progress easily, but also to see where they rank competitively. There is nothing like a little friendly competition to stir up the excitement level.

The AccuroFit Heart Rate Training Display is compatible with all AccuroFit heart monitors and is easily customizable for branding purposes. With the AccuroFit system, you can reward your members with real-time results, thereby keeping them thoroughly engaged and boosting your member retention rates in the process. Better retention rates equate to steady revenue growth.

Take a look at this video to see AccuroFit at work.

AccuroFit on the Go Keeps Members in Place

The AccuroFit system integrates fully with your website and provides a mobile app that helps your members interact with your gym from anywhere, at any time, via their phone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

This represents a significant competitive advantage for your gym because it provides added value for your members. The happier your members are, the more likely it is that they will maintain their membership and keep your revenue streams intact.

Are you eager to see all the features of the AccuroFit system that can help your business revenue grow? Request a demo today!