Could DNA-Based Diets Become a New Revenue Source for Your Fitness Business?

By Aaron Eisberg

Fitness center business owners are always on the lookout for new revenue streams. From offering massage therapy to putting in a juice bar for club members, there are many options for increasing your fitness center revenues.

One of the newest trends popping up in clubs around the world is to offer nutritional counseling coupled with personalized diets based on the DNA makeup of your gym members.

The Science behind DNA-Based Diets

Why is there a growing interest in DNA-based diets? The New York Times explains:
"Research increasingly suggests that each of us is unique in the way we absorb and metabolize nutrients. This dawning realization has scientists, and entrepreneurs, scrambling to provide more effective nutritional advice based on such distinguishing factors as genetic makeup, gut bacteria, body type and chemical exposures."
In a study of the blood-sugar levels of 800 pre-diabetic patients, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel found that blood sugar levels after a meal varied greatly, even when the meals were identical. This discovery led the researchers to dig further to nail down the reasons for the variations.

Using the information gleaned from the 800 participants, the researchers developed an algorithm that accurately predicted blood sugar responses to foods the participants had not yet eaten in the study. When the algorithm was proven to be successful, the researchers were able to create personalized DNA-based diets to a group of 100 pre-diabetic patients that significantly moderated their blood sugar following meals and boosted levels of good bacteria in their digestive systems.

The positive results of this study, and others like it, indicate that each person is unique in terms of how nutrients are absorbed and metabolized. Dr. John Mathers, the lead investigator of a six-month study of the efficacy of personalized diets based on genetics, states about the preliminary results of the study:
"The bottom line is those who were in the personalized diet cohort did better than those in the one-size-fits-all diet group, making us pretty confident personalized diets are the way forward."
What It Means for Your Fitness Center Business

This exciting field of research, called nutrigenomics, holds promise for your fitness center business. How? reports:
"The study's authors encouraged club owners to consider offering personalized diets and predicted increased consumer interest in these diets now that the advancement of science and technology allows health professionals to offer individualized nutrition counseling at the genetic level."

There are a number of biotech companies that are partnering with fitness clubs around the globe to offer DNA testing and diet recommendations to gym members. By offering DNA-based nutritional counseling to club members, fitness clubs can differentiate themselves from competitors and keep individual members engaged for the long term.

In addition to offering this nutritional counseling in partnership with outside contractors who specialize in DNA-based nutrition, club owners can profit by upselling personal training sessions with the personalized workout routines that accompany the diet programs, as well as vitamin supplements and other ancillary services.

Fitness center business
Using All Available Tools for Your Fitness Center Business

DNA-based, personalized diet and fitness plans may become a serious source of revenue for fitness centers as research continues to mount about their effectiveness. In the meantime, it makes sense for fitness center owners to explore all their options to increase revenues and bolster member retention strategies.

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