Eating Right & Exercising Right - The Heart & Soul of the Fitness Business

By Aaron Eisberg

Diet and exercise are the yin and yang of healthy living. Not only is eating right essential to good health, but exercise is, too. The axiom is true in reverse: Exercise on its own isn't enough; eating right is also a requirement.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to find a balance between the two. Gyms can play an important role in supporting their members' success -- and increase their own revenues in the process -- by integrating programming aimed at reinforcing the importance of diet. Here are five ideas for fitness businesses looking to help their clients reach their health and wellness goals.

1. Add diet and nutrition classes to your schedule.

You offer a breadth and depth of classes aimed at helping your clients develop stronger, fitter bodies. But this is only one part of the total puzzle. By adding diet and nutrition-related courses to your class schedule, you give your members an invaluable tool for better health.

From weekly classes to monthly seminars, there are many different options when it comes to nutrition education programs. Start slow and grow your offerings based on interest and participation.

2. Open a juice bar.

Who hasn't left the gym famished, driven straight to the nearest convenience store, and purchased a snack full of empty calories which completely undid all of the work they just finished? Help your members avoid this all-too-common obstacle by opening an on-site juice bar.

Whether you open your own juice bar from scratch or lease a space, your members will appreciate the option -- and you'll appreciate their dollars staying in-house as opposed to being spent at the 7-Eleven down the road.

3. Offer nutrition consulting services.

Personal training offers a huge range of benefits for people looking to make the most of their fitness routines. While some personal trainers offer input into diet and exercise, adding a nutrition consultant to your fitness center team takes this a step further.

Nutrition consultants work with people -- either individually or in groups -- to educate them about the best food choices for everything from weight loss to heart health to disease prevention. From reading food labels to menu planning, nutrition consultants can also help your members identify positive, realistic pathways toward improving their diets and feeling better about themselves.

4. Make children part of your mission.

Children may not be members of your gym, but many members of your gym are parents who care about one thing above all else: the health and wellness of their offspring. With childhood obesity on the rise and screen time leading to increasingly sedentary behaviors, preventive programs aimed at teaching kids about the importance of diet and exercise are of great value for many families.

5. Start a blog.

A successful fitness business isn't just a place people go to workout. It's also an invaluable resource. Starting a blog -- comprising a diverse mix of content about everything from the latest fitness trends to nutrition advice to new programs and member events -- can further extend the reach of your programming while amping up member engagement.

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Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? We can think of no better time for fitness facilities to embrace the benefits -- both for their members and their own bottom line -- of adding nutrition-related programming to their offerings. For more fitness business ideas designed to drive membership and revenue,
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