Expert Interview Series: Eddie Lester of Fitness Mentors on the Best Tools to Improve Your Fitness

By Aaron Eisberg


Eddie Lester is the CEO of Fitness Mentors and a fitness educator with a passion for helping others achieve success in their business, professional and personal endeavors. We recently talked to him about some of his favorite fitness tools. Here's what he had to say:

How did you become so passionate about fitness and personal training?

As a former professional surfer I was always looking to better my skills by focusing on training myself to the needs of a pro athlete. I noticed that my coordination, power and balance would improve on my board the more I trained on land. I met with a personal trainer to get advice on the best ways to train for my sport and realized I really admired his knowledge and expertise of the body. From then on I decided to educate myself to the best of my ability on everything related to health and fitness.

Why would you like to see more people invest in their physical well-being?

I see success in your own physical performance and health as an important stepping stone toward being successful in every other venture in your life. When your health is optimized your ability to take advantage of all the wonderful things in life is unveiled. Focus on yourself first, then everything else will fall into place.

How has technology changed the way you help your personal training clients?

I tend to be more old-school in my approach to training which includes a notepad, paper and great workouts. A lot of my training brings the emphasis on hormonal optimization, which is not currently an easily trackable bio-maker, and must be performed outside of the home. I cannot wait for the day we can have a device that tracks hormonal levels as easily as a blood glucose meter.I feel the most important thing to health is to analyze how you feel and what the mirror can tell you. There are certain new technologies that I use to assist my clients in tracking how they look, feel and perform, which can be a great tool.

How has it changed the way you approach training and workouts personally?

The tools I use most have remained unchanged by technology, but one of the things I would say has improved recently is the ability to take a fitness selfie and track progress via photo log. All of my clients use their phones as a photo log to track their progress and the before and after photos really show their results.

What are the benefits of the different types of fitness/health technology available today?

I believe the most beneficial thing to the large boom in fitness and health technology is the continuous reminder to be active and eat well. If something is buzzing at you all day telling you to perform certain behaviors that lead to health, I believe you are more likely to perform those behaviors.

What's the proper way to use this technology to improve your health?

Set timers to input your trackable data, this will allow you to remain focused toward your goal.

How should trainers be coaching their clients on incorporating different types of technology into their fitness routine?

Meal, workout and sleep tracking data can be shared between the client and the personal trainer. Getting these three tasks completed in the appropriate timelines can allow the clients hormonal levels to be optimized, leading to better health.

What types of information or data do you think it's helpful for people to track during their workouts?

On my notepad I make sure to track every acute variable that my clients perform including sets, reps, load, rest period, tempo and exercises. This allows me to increase the total volume of work by manipulating the variables. Some people use a fitness app to track this, but a simple notepad can work just as well.

What are your favorite resources for individuals who want to get fit and improve their health?

One of the apps I suggest is called My Fitness Pal. This app allows you to track your workouts, meals and sleep. It can also be used as a great reminder to always keep your health at the top-of-mind.

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