Expert Interview Series: Evan Varsamis of Gadget Flow on Fitness Gadgets to Follow

By Aaron Eisberg

Evan Varsamis is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, investor and  Marketing advisor at Qrator Ltd., Comet Core Inc., and contributor at Forbes, Huffington Post and American Express Essentials. His work has been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, Entrepreneur, Fortune and Product Hunt.

Tell us about Gadget Flow. What inspired you to start your site? Who should be reading it?

Gadget Flow started as a part-time project and it became a full-time job a couple months after we realized its potential. We wanted to gather high-quality products from around the web under one roof. Our target audience is tech enthusiasts, millennials and also early adopters between 22-45.

What is a "smart accessory"? What are some common examples of them on the market today?

It is a state-of-the-art device that connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer to give you more information and control than ever before. Most probably everyone knows about Wemo - it lets you control your lights, your iron, your Christmas tree right from your phone!

What's the market for fitness/health-related gadgets and smart accessories right now?

It’s growing fast, there are countless devices that are being launched every day that help you keep track of your workouts, health, progress etc. Not all of these products are useful but every now and then there are some breakthroughs in the market.

What types of fitness or health-related gadgets are gaining traction these days?

Fitness trackers were popular two to three years ago, today it’s all about VR workouts. 

What are some of the most innovative or interesting fitness gadgets you've seen on the market recently? Any innovative uses of these gadgets in a gym/fitness center setting?

Recon impressed me from the first moment and this 3D Fitness tracker.

What should those in the fitness industry (for instance gym owners) be following in the world of smart accessories and fitness technology?

Unfortunately, all these new gadgets for fitness are expensive and I don’t think we’ll see them anytime soon in gyms. They should definitely start experimenting though with VR workouts and virtual trainers.

What trends or innovations in smart accessories are you following right now? What predictions do you have for the future of how we use these products to monitor and improve our health?

Devices become smarter every day I think that within the next two to three years we’ll reach a point in which we won’t have to think about tracking our workouts and fitness progress. Alexa will monitor your performance at home, your iPhone already counts your steps, if you have a sleep tracker and a smart workout machine all of these devices will talk with each other in order to get you the best results for your body which will be based on your nutrition, weight, free time on your calendar, weather, mood, how many hours you slept etc.

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