Expert Interview Series: Kim Lindholm of Titan Fitness Camp on Opening a Gym in Thailand for Fitness Holidays

By Aaron Eisberg

Kim Lindholm is the owner and founder of Titan Fitness Camp in Phuket, Thailand, where he oversees the company's operations, marketing, and sales. We recently caught up with Kim to pick his brain about fitness holidays, fitness classes, and the essential components of a workout facility.

Tell us a bit about your background. Why did you decide to open a fitness training facility in Thailand?

I am from Stockholm, Sweden. In my early 20s, I graduated from university with a marketing degree, and I worked in media and sales for awhile. I also worked in the family business my grandfather started back in the 1950s. It was when I was pushing 30 that I started getting anxious and really felt I wanted to achieve something great in life. I was also getting sick of living in Sweden - the climate did not suit me.

After traveling several times to Thailand, I fell in love with this country like many people do. Around the same time, the band I was in decided to call it quits, and my other passion in life besides music had always been fitness and training. So in 2011, one of my closest friends and I moved to Phuket to focus on our health and training.

Phuket is home to Soi ta-eid, which translates to "fitness or fighting street." It is where many people come to train, lose weight, and learn martial arts. I realized that Soi ta-eid is an awesome place, but it lacked a decent fitness and gym facility. In 2012, I decided to open a big gym in Soi ta-eid.

My partners and I built Titan Fitness Camp from scratch together. It felt like it was perfect timing since everyone is more aware of the importance of being healthy, and one of the latest trends is to go on a fitness holiday. People go home after their holiday fit and healthy. You meet people from all over the world who are here for the same reason: to improve their fitness and enjoy their time off. 

What can out-of-town guests at your facility get that they can't find where they live?

We have everything at one camp: accommodations, a swimming pool, training, personal training, and our very own restaurant. And the cost is a fraction of what you would pay for this at home.

Since your facility offers specialty classes like Boxercise and Olympic weightlifting, could you tell us what types of people sign up for these programs? Weekend warriors? Or people who are training to perform at an elite level?

We have customers of all fitness levels. The majority is fairly new to training and wants to learn more. The idea is that the classes represent the start of a new healthy lifestyle, whether someone is overweight or wants to put on weight.

We work individually with each client and help them achieve their goals. So we put the clients in the classes that suit their preferences. That's why it is important that we have diverse training options, but the common factor is that fitness is the number one focus. 

What types of non-workout amenities does your facility offer its guests? 

Our guests tend to hang out and socialize at our restaurant Healths Kitchen, or they chill by the pool between sessions. It is not far to the beach, so sometimes they go to Kata or Nai Harn beach, which are two of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Sometimes they take a rest day (Sunday) and go to one of the many super nice beach clubs that Phuket has to offer for some delicious brunch. After all, you gotta live a little as well!

What are the important components that you feel every workout facility must have? 

Trainers - structure -  energy – team.

The trainer provides the program for the class. All of our trainers are extremely good and knowledgeable. I am super proud of the amazing team of trainers we have. Also, the classes need to be structured professionally and have great energy, which is so important to create the good atmosphere and vibes we currently have. Finally, we don´t leave anyone behind; we work out as a team.

What do you foresee for the future of sports technology - and how might it affect your facility?

Technology moves the world forward, and this will affect our business in a positive way. I think there will be more focus on nutrition and fitness in school at a younger age, and that will make more people aware of the importance of exercise and proper nutrition.

New types of training will emerge, like 3D training and virtual training, and new types of training programming will evolve. Technology can help athletes reach their maximum potential while helping them to keep in mind how important it is to maintain the fun and happiness fitness brings.

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