Fitness Doesn't Have To Be a Four-Letter Word

By Aaron Eisberg

Let’s face it: No matter how amazing your gym is, any fitness routine can get stale over time. After all, the word “routine” alone implies as much: Do the same thing every day the exact same way, and it’s easy to lose sight of the meaning in it. It’s at this point that daily visits to the gym stop being fun and start being that dreaded, four-letter word. WORK.  To prevent this business-killing phenomenon, many fitness centers are taking measures to market more than just their products and services, but the overall experience instead. 

Looking for fitness center advice to help you get in on the trend? Read on for three out-of-the-ordinary ways to keep your members engaged by keeping things exciting. 

A beautiful view can make working out a multisensory experience.  

1. Embrace All-Inclusive Wellness

Yoga and meditation are nothing new. In fact, more and more people are turning to these practices to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. And while losing weight and gaining strength are likely to be part of the allure of membership, decreased stress and increased relaxation can also be invaluable and unique selling points.  

In addition to offering a broad range of yoga-inspired workouts and guided meditations, everything from on-staff health coaches to freshly made juices and raw food offerings can create an environment that speaks to the mind-body wellness so many people seek today. Don’t underestimate ambiance, either. Natural woods, plenty of natural lighting, and plenty of oxygen-pumping plants all add to the appeal. 

In identifying the multisensory mind-body movement as one of its “11 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2017,” mindbodygreen spoke with Elian Zach, co-founder of sense-stimulating wellness center WOOM, who says, "Meditation shifted—it used to be about spirituality but now people understand its benefits, the science, and how it can empower them to connect to their best selves, to live to their fullest potential, to be present. Multisensory experiences are immersive. By actively engaging the senses and the mind, we empower people to be fully absorbed in the present moment. That immersion allows for something to enter into a state of 'being' when often we are all in a state of "doing."

2. Take it Outside

We often talk about the advantages of outside play for children, but these don’t go away when we grow up. Factor in the hours most people spend inside in front of computer screens, and time in the great outdoors is equally important for adults. 

Nature nurtures.

From enhancing cognitive function to supporting critical vitamin D intake, the benefits of being outside go on and on. Which is one reason why forward-thinking fitness centers are debuting more outdoor programming. From group hikes to yoga al fresco, there are many different ways to keep members coming back to your gym by getting them out of it. 

3. Seduce with Social

The words “fun” and “friends” go hand in hand. Fitness centers which offer plenty of opportunities for socialization fuse the two in a uniquely compelling way. One specific social trend in the spotlight for 2017, according to mindbodygreen? Women-only social spaces. This doesn’t, however, mandate the creation of entirely separate communities for women. Rather, it involves facilitating their ability to connect.

Social media is expected to play a big role in nurturing social circles moving forward. Mindbodygreen predicts, “We expect to see more physical manifestations of, until now, largely online-driven messages of female empowerment in cities across the country. Instagram will continue to be a vehicle for female empowerment messaging, and more women will start mentorships, host circles, and develop new ways to connect as a way to participate in our own and one another's well-being.”

While the time may be particularly ripe for women-only social spaces, all members can benefit from feeling like part of a community. Think of it this way: Who isn’t more eager to go to a place where they know their friends are waiting for them? 

If your fitness business is aiming help your members reframe a trip to the gym from chore to choice, these three marketing ideas offer a great starting point. Another effective way to engage your members? Dynamic heart rate display. Learn more about AccuroFit today.