How to Make This Year the Most Profitable Year Ever for Your Fitness Business

By Aaron Eisberg

January is a golden time in the fitness center business. Right now, your membership rolls are probably pretty plush, and new members have brought an air of excitement to your gym.

However, as a fitness center business veteran, you likely know that the rosy glow on the cheeks of your new members may begin to fade a bit in the second quarter of the year. And by summertime, your gym floor may look like a ghost town.

What can you do to stop that self-repeating cycle and make this year the year that your fitness business takes off and never comes in for a crash landing?

Adding Revenue Streams to Your Business Model

While you may rely at other times of the year on new member sign-ups to aid your membership, in January you likely have all the new member sign-ups you can handle already. January, when your gym may be filled to capacity, is an excellent time to offer products and services that will increase the likelihood for membership retention for your gym.

An excellent money maker for your gym at the first of the year is a specially-designed goal-setting workshop for members. Many of your gym members are trying right now to set reasonable, achievable fitness goals for the year. Offer a well-designed individual goal-setting package with one of more of your best personal trainers and promote it heavily via your gym signage and social media posts this month.

Another great way to increase your retention rate this year is to offer convenience items to your members. Things like earbuds, towels, yoga mats, combination locks, batteries, lifting gloves, and water bottles are all items that will sell in your gym if you make them available and display them prominently close to the front desk or check-in area.

You may also find it advantageous to open a small juice bar or add massage therapy to your offerings this year. While the cost of adding these services can be steep if you do not plan it wisely, the rewards for good planning when you add these luxury items and services can far outweigh the costs.

Offering personalized goal-setting workshops can be a money maker at this time of year.

You might try creating an online video training class for members who cannot make it to the gym every day. Charging a small fee for online access to the class and selling equipment such as heart rate monitors, fitness bands, and exercise balls that will be needed to do the class at home can generate a both revenue and retention rates for your fitness center business. You can offer either live streaming of the class or a pre-recorded video, depending upon your level of technology and the interest level of your gym members.

Generating Revenue & Retention with AccuroFit

The AccuroFit family of products is especially easy to use as a way to generate additional revenue membership. Because gym members can familiarize themselves with AccuroFit equipment inside your gym, they will feel more inclined to use AccuroFit products outside of your gym as well. For instance, the AccuroFit mobile app will keep members engaged both inside and outside your fitness center.

With a little planning, 2017 can be the year that your fitness center business grows into the business you have always wanted it to be. Let AccuroFit help you to reach your goals this year. Start today by requesting a demo of the AccuroFit system!
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