Take It Outside!

By Aaron Eisberg


The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the sunshine is lifting everybody's mood. Who wants to work out indoors when the weather is so enticing? The truth is that all that beautiful weather may cause some of your members to mosey on off into the sunset and forget about coming to the gym in favor of outdoor recreation.

How can you turn the tide and keep your members engaged through the pleasant months of spring and summer?

Give Members a Change of Scenery

Savvy fitness center owners know that the key lies in using the weather to their own advantage by scheduling group fitness sessions outside. Everyone likes a change of scenery now and then. Planning group fitness sessions outdoors adds spice to fitness routines and amps up the energy of your fitness instructors and your members.

Benefits of Outdoor Group Training

In addition to the novelty of an outdoor workout, there are a number of other benefits to being outdoors. According to Forbes "How Our Buildings Are Making Us Sick", the average American spends 90 percent of his or her time indoors.

All that indoor time causes many to fall victim to low vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels in the bloodstream are associated with cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, asthma and even cancer. However, a healthy dose of sun exposure increases vitamin D levels in the bloodstream, providing significant health benefits.

Outdoor exercise also boosts the immune system, providing the body with an improved way to fight infection and illness.

Additionally, exposure to sunlight releases chemicals in the brain which improve mood and can lower the risk of depression and mood disorders.

Group Training Ideas for Outdoor Venues

While it is obvious that you cannot lug your cardio equipment outside for a group fitness session, there are some easy ways to make outdoor workouts enjoyable for your members.

Livestrong's "Outdoor Ideas for Group Fitness" suggests a number of classic ways to boost member enthusiasm in the great outdoors, including such things as circuit workouts and traditional sports like soccer, softball, or basketball.

Instructor-Running-Fitness-Booth.jpgAdd spice to outdoor workouts by bringing along lightweight equipment like resistance bands and small dumbbells to keep things lively.

If your fitness center is located in an area with nature trails, you might consider sponsoring a community trail run to raise awareness for your gym while supporting a local charity of your choice.

Some fitness center owners have also found success with sponsoring triathlons or teaching early morning tai chi sessions in a local park.

Fitness-group-doing-tai-chi-in-park.jpgKeeping Your Gym Members Engaged Anywhere and Everywhere

Whether you are taking your standard group fitness classes outside or shaking things up with new routines specifically designed to take advantage of pleasant weather, you can keep your members engaged with the right equipment.

With the AccuroFit system, your gym members can track their personal fitness data whether they are in your gym or out and about. This connection between your gym and your members will help ensure that, no matter how sunny the day outside, your members will not forget that your gym is there to help them reach all their fitness goals.

Are you ready to see what AccuroFit can offer to you and your members? Request a demo today, and get your gym equipment in shape for summer!