The App That's Apt to Retain Fitness Club Members

By Aaron Eisberg

36dac2_4d4e0281db55437dafdd9d2b30dee5c1_1.jpgKeeping health club members engaged is a constant challenge for owners and managers. Maintaining a personal fitness routine takes commitment and discipline. Many people go to the gym faithfully at first and keep to a regular routine. If over time, work, an illness, or other life event gets in the way of the gym routine, it can be harder and harder to maintain that discipline and commitment.

Even fitness club members who have been regular for months or years can drop out if an injury or shift change at work disrupts their routine for a few weeks or months. It can be daunting to "start over" after working hard for so long with virtually nothing to show for it.

Increasing Engagement of Fitness Club Members

The key to retaining fitness club members is a high level of engagement, which can be done in several ways. More than one type of engagement is a good thing, with each method strengthening the bond of the club member to the club.

Engagement in a fitness club can take a few different forms. Having friendships and relationships at the club is important. Going to a club to exercise can be lonely if no one talks to you or asks you how you are doing. Fitness club members who feel like they belong are more likely to keep coming week after week.

Another type of engagement for fitness club members may come from feeling like the club understands their fitness goals and is working with them to help them meet those goals. Personal trainers and fitness coaches can help members maintain a strong commitment to being fit or increasing their level of fitness.
36dac2_0ffeb5d03e8640279ef6b2ed91af3f6b_1.jpgMaking a Game Out of Fitness

Playing games is inherently engaging and involving, and many fitness club members are by nature competitive, wanting to keep up with their peers in fitness levels and strength. The AccuroFit system is an effective set of tool for increasing engagement by tracking performance and gamifying fitness in real time.

The free Accuro mobile Health App allows fitness class members to see their stats as well as the stats of other class members as the class is going on. Users can also see their individual stats at any time, even when not at the gym. The app measures BMI, heart rate, and blood pressure. Users can track their stats and compare them against others in the class.

The app syncs to the AccuroFit heart rate monitors, which are available for resale to members. These monitors help fitness club members keep within their target heart rate while working out as well as track their activity and heart rate all throughout the day. Fitness club owners can increase their profits by selling AccuroFit monitors to their members, and these monitors can help keep members engaged and involved as fitness club members.

Request a demo of the AccuroFit system to see how it can benefit your fitness club. 
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