The NEW Accuro Mobile Health App is Here!

By Aaron Eisberg


*UPDATE* Our Android App is now available as well!! Download Today!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge and keeping track of that lifestyle can be an even bigger challenge. Yet, keeping track of your exercise might be just the motivation you need to keep you on the right path during your workout routine.

That is why today, we are proud to announce that the newest version of the Accuro mobile health app is available now in iTunes! The new app is built for your club’s members to collect their training activity data and bio-data from multiple Accuro devices. Data is collected with little effort on the part of the member and is then stored in a secured, private cloud for future use.

The new Accuro mobile health app allows your members to:

  • Record, store, and track in-club and out-of-club workouts
  • Measure intensity by a unique points system
  • Track progress over time by monitoring weight loss and blood pressure improvement
  • View real time heart rate displayed in colored heart rate zone chart or dashboard
  • View calories burned per minute of a workout
  • Record, store, and track weight and body fat data via in-club or at-home scales
  • Record, store, and track blood pressure via a Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Record, store, and track activity via a Bluetooth Activity Monitor

The benefit of using the Accuro mobile health app, like many other apps, is that the technology and the benefits to users can be truly amazing. For example, other benefits of using the Accuro app not mentioned above include:

  • The ability to set and track your progress towards goals
  • The ability to track your activity level and gradually increase your time and reps
  • You’ll be able to see your progress immediately via the app (and in some cases, online in a format that allows you to view your progress versus others)
  • The ability to heart rate train and monitor your progression

With these benefits in mind, below are a few things to keep in mind when you look to use the new Accuro mobile health app.

Heart Rate Tracking

Sounds basic enough, but having an app that syncs up directly with your heart rate monitor and that not only tracks your live workout, but also shows you your history and progress is extremely valuable. Depending on your age, weight, and other factors, the app can help you better understand the heart rate training zones and where you should focus your workout to get the best results you can.

Weight Loss Progression

What is your current weight and what is your goal weight? The Accuro mobile health app will help you track your progression down to the date stamp and time of each weigh-in. Also, the app will sync directly with your Accuro Wi-Fi or Bluetooth scale and takes away the time it takes you to manually log this information with each workout.

Blood Pressure Reading

Does your current app also read your blood pressure? Getting a regular reading of your blood pressure can help you better understand not only your progression with your workout, but also your progression with your eating habits. If you are a person with a history of high blood pressure, your fitness app should be a source of tracking your progress towards getting it under control. The Accuro mobile health app can help you do this.

Pedometer / Daily Steps

Are you tracking the number of steps you take every day? Your app can help you track how many steps you take per day and how you are progressing over time. Also, your app should be a source for you to set up a challenge with friends or family and see who progresses with more steps in any given month….all in real time.

These are just some of the things the new Accuro mobile health app can do. If you haven’t yet, download the new app today! It doesn’t just help you measure progress, but helps you really learn your habits and should be seen as a seamless part of your everyday fitness routine.

Accuro Mobile Health App